– An intimate portrait of self-love, intimacy and uncomfortable truth.-

Turke Chini is an exceptional woman, artist, and performer. Born Afghan, at age three, she fled with her mother and sister to Holland, but that is not the story we want to tell. Because what made meeting Turke Chini so incredible to us was the fact that, although only in her late twenties, she has grown into a person that has not only learned how to heal but also to inspire others to be loud and proud. Through her writing and performances, she deeply connects with others, making intimacy and love her weapon of choice. She speaks about topics of shame, anger and white privilege and invites us to join her journey of finding self-love and respect for ourselves and the others around us. Her performance of “A letter to my upper-class white friends” is a deeply touching and personal statement of an uncomfortable truth, one that we all need to hear.

Take a few minutes of your day to listen to her stories on our blog and follow her on her Instagram account to learn more about her upcoming book release “Born without feet.”

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